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Your Facial Features Determine Your Dress Style(Part 1)

Jul. 08, 2020

Your Facial Features Determine Your Dress Style(Part 1)The exploration of style is mainly divided into two levels: objective existence and subjective mentality. Objective existence is mainly the fact that everybody’s actual facial features, face shape, body shape, and other facts exist, and subjective mentality is relatively fictitious things such as personal needs, aesthetic consciousness, etc.

So in the first step, the Custom Embroidered Hoodies supplier will start with the facial features that everyone cares about~

The distribution of most female facial features can be divided into these categories-

▲Small face and five senses

▲Small face and big features

▲Facial features

▲Small face and small features

1. Small face and five senses

Small facial features with a small face, leaving more white space on the face. More white space can still affect your temperament. Too little white features are more aggressive, while white space seems harmless to humans and animals, and there is a lot of room for personal emotions. Generally, the standard film faces have no white space.

▲There is more white space on the face and more room for emotional imagination

In addition to Zhou Dongyu, Zhang Zifeng, and people with such facial conditions, in addition to the whiteness of the face, the collagen on the face is also full, and the muscle lines are smooth and appear very young.

Basically, girls in this category share the above common characteristics, with clean and pure temperament, vigor, and vitality.

So for this type of girl, it will be more suitable for the fashion styles of Japan and South Korea. In addition to the shape design of Japan and South Korea, they are more suitable for East Asian girls, and the use of color is also quite high.

It is not difficult to find in the color matching of Japan and South Korea. Compared with the deep and rich colors, the two countries prefer to use high-brightness and more eye-catching color matching, such as the macaron color series, the milk tea color series, etc., which has a fresh and warm quality.

▲One of the reasons why Korean girls generally cannot control the red carpet style

Related to their general pursuit of widowed facial features

▲ Zhou Dongyu's shape is mostly in high-brightness colors

It just matches the small eyes and small faces with more white space and soft tissues. The two complement each other and complement each other.

Reference style: Korean fresh style, Japanese casual style

Small face and big features

In the small face and big facial features group, Guan Zhilin has always given the impression of being beautiful and fragrant, Dili Reba is an exotic beauty, and Qiu Shuzhen is a playful little sweetheart, but all three of them have a common core, that is Sexy.

But this sexiness is a kind of "beauty and self-knowledge" sexism, showing beauty to the world with a correct attitude, rather than becoming kitsch.

So even if the three of them are sexy beauties, they will not have the reverse effect.

Why is the big five senses squeezed on a piece of slap face paper, there will be a sexy atmosphere? This is related to the aforementioned facial blanking.

There is less white space on the face, and there is no extra space beyond the facial features. The aggression (sexual tension) of this type of face is quite strong, which will give the opposite sex an aggressive aesthetic sense, which is colloquially known as "fascinating".

If you are a student of this type of facial features, I would suggest that you use daily makeup to reduce the use of color, such as what blush eye shadow should be used less, should emphasize the contrast between red, black, and skin color.

The greater the difference in contrast between the three colors, the higher the beauty value ~ the same is makeup, big thick makeup will be more suitable for Dili Reba than fresh makeup, this is the reason.

Therefore, considering the matching dress style, the style with tension beauty is most suitable for this type of girl. For example, Di Lireba's more out-of-the-box style is all in the style of her gorgeous dress. Guan Zhilin and Qiu Shuzhen's classic red dress style is needless to say, people with small faces and big features need this bright, saturated color to complement their beauty.

Reference wear style: gorgeous bright style, retro palace style


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