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Why Is the Hoodie Called "a Great Masterpiece"?

May. 25, 2020

Paola Antonelli, the senior curator of the Architecture and Design Department of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, once said in a TED speech that Custom Street Wear Hoodies are a "minor masterpiece." Like paper clips and tea bags, it is an excellent design work ignored by people.

The hoodie is the most controversial fashion item in the contemporary era. From trendy brands to luxury fashion houses, each brand has launched hoodies quarter after quarter, becoming an indispensable item in the wardrobe. The Het Nieuwe Instituut Museum in Rotterdam has recently held an exhibition under the name "The Hoodie" to discover more fashion narratives behind the hoodie.

Curator Lou Stoppard said: "The most politically important item in the wardrobe is the hoodie"

This exhibition curated by Lou Stoppard seems to have a simple theme, but it actually covers a wide range. It uses the image of the hoodie as a medium to describe social and political phenomena and tells the hoodie as a kind of class, wealth, gender, and race. Reflect, and the evolution of privacy protection tools in sportswear, professional clothing and streetwear, whether good or bad.

How many people are fans of the hoodie, how many people want to discredit it.

Indeed, we can see hoodies of designer brands such as Vetements, CP Company, Rick Owens and Off-White in many works of art, of which 8,000 pieces of the "hoodie" art installation created by Bogomir Doringer The hoodie images cut from the existing news videos and documentaries, and various hoodie images are re-synthesized by artificial intelligence.

Doringer called these images the “grotesque, bizarre and terrible images” that contemporary media have established for hoodies. Unlike most exhibitions that use anti-culture as the theme, this museum has no lack of reverse thinking in self-cognition. They publicly call their exhibitions held in the museum as off-site projects because they know The real life of people wearing hoodies will not be staged in the museum, but when we stroll through the museum to appreciate these masterpieces, some people may be facing the poison of inertial thinking outside the museum because they are wearing hoodies.

As early as the Middle Ages, European monks had put on hooded robes, and shepherds in the wilderness also wore hooded cloaks.

Custom Street Wear Hoodies

Custom Street Wear Hoodies

In the contemporary era, there is a company called Knickerbocker Knitting Company (now called Champion) that specializes in making custom Fleece Hoodies Drawstring keep athletes warm. In the 1930s, New York workers working in warehouses and construction sites began to wear hoodies to keep out the cold.

Later, the fashion status of hoodies was gradually improved under the influence of anecdotes of celebrities who started from scratch. The hoodie has evolved into a must-have item for today's street trends and is no longer purely functional apparel. Take the role of Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone in the 1976 film "Rocky", for example, when he ran up the stone steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the film, he was wearing a gray hood Shirt and sweatpants. This plot is said to have created a myth for Hoodie, which has been widely circulated among movie fans and popular culture.

In addition to the influence of celebrity anecdotes, the birth of hip-hop culture also played a role. In the early 1970s, hip-hop culture had just risen, and the status of hoodies in the post-industrial South Bronx was not high at the beginning, but then many rappers wearing hoodies achieved international success. Although fame brought a certain amount of wealth and social status to the rapper, few of them would abandon the hoodie because of it, and more only embellished their shapes with expensive jewelry.

So I learned that in dress, wealth and prestige will not change the values and loyalty of the rich and celebrities to the hoodie. The hoodie changed from an obscure role to a symbol of power (perhaps overtaking the power of a suit), changed the dress code set by the upper class in the past, and created a new dress code.

Therefore, don't think that the CEO of a technology company wearing a hoodie is their low-key performance, let alone regard it as their humble and boastful behavior. Wearing a hoodie is to show that they have the will to break all conventions, and to look after the more powerful people. Just as Antonelli was impressed by the current observation: "The person wearing a suit may be a bodyguard, and the person wearing a hoodie may be a person with real power." Yes, now we often see the media In the photos taken, celebrities wore hoodies and raised their hands to cover their faces, while the bodyguards who drove the paparazzi around them all had suits and leather shoes.

The phenomenon of celebrities hiding under the hoodie once again confirmed that the hoodie is a product of excellent design. Although this is obviously contradictory to it as a symbol of power, it is not the case. Perhaps the most basic function of the hoodie for us and the laborers living in the Internet era is to fight against the bad weather, but the anonymity it brings is increasingly scarce in today ’s society. It is also something that people are more and more eager to have.

The difference between iconic clothes and paper clips and tea bags is that people generally do not judge them after using or using them, but people wearing iconic clothes will always inspire some bystanders to speculate that they will be a What kind of person. When the person wearing the hoodie is an iconic figure, namely a celebrity, they will not inspire speculation from bystanders. But if it is not a celebrity, the bystander's interpretation of the stranger's characteristics will start with their dress. Unlike the iconic design products that we do n’t wear, the iconic clothing can make us lose our personality, so that hoodies and suits have become synonymous: for example, our so-called suits are not just clothing It is the person who wears it. This statement is often used in a derogatory sense, emphasizing rigidity, rigidity, or ignorance of manual labor.

Similarly, a hoodie refers to a sweatshirt with a hood. According to the definition of the Collins English Dictionary, it can also refer to "young people wearing hoodies who behave badly in the eyes of some people. Or criminals. " When young people wearing hoodies are not Caucasian, this prejudice can be fatal under the influence of current racial beliefs, especially in the United States. In 2012, Trayvon Martin was shot by a community watchman in Florida. The black teenager did not carry any weapons at the time, but he was wearing a hoodie, so it looked suspicious.

This case caused public anger both in the United States and overseas, and many people put on hoodies to march in protest against the police brutality. Artists did not turn a blind eye. They created hoodies as a symbol or metaphor, such as the photography collection of the hoodie "The Hoods" by John Edmond. The photographer invited non-professional models to put on his own hoodie and took a series of back photos. In this way, the facial features of these characters are no longer visible, forcing the audience to question whether they are biased.

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