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What is the best match for a hoodies and a jacket?

Sep. 30, 2019

The hoodies is really the most commonly used and absolutely correct item for men.

The hoodies can be said to be a versatile item that can be used all year round. Because of its simple design and comfortable wearing, many people will appreciate it. There must be at least one hoodies in the closet.

In the 1970s, due to the rise of the Hip-Hop culture, the oversized hip hop hoodies became a symbol of subculture rebellion. With the evolution of the trend, the hoodies became an irresistible force in the fashion pop culture, and with its fashionable, comfortable and casual With its rich styles and other advantages, it has become a hot fashion item and has established its position in the fashion world.

Custom embroidered hoodies supplier recommend some of the jackets that are perfect for sweaters for your reference.

First, Denim jacket

Denim jackets should be a single item for boys, and hoodiess with denim jackets are also a must-have for all boys, because they are too simple and can be controlled by anyone.

The trick is the color matching of the hoodies and jacket. In addition to the regular calming match, you can try some bright color hoodiess as a dull bright color in autumn and winter.

Second, Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket, a flight suit jacket, originally originated in the US Air Force during World War I designed to keep out the cold. It is made of nylon fabric and knit collar. The collar, cuffs and hem of the wool woven from the wool can keep the fabric warm and prevent the wind from pouring into the cuffs. Nowadays, the handsome flight suit jacket is no longer a man's exclusive product. The men's clothing and women's wear has already become the trend of the fashion circle. The cool shape makes you instantly stylish, absolutely incomparable fashion trend.

The custom men bomber jacket has a wave of fashion, and the combination of the two fashion darlings of the hoodies and the bomber jacket is also a different spark of personality. Whether it's a hoodless hoodies or a hooded hoodies and it's a combination of personality.

The style of the bomber jacket is moderate, and the bottom of the jacket and the cuffs are threaded, and the fabric characteristics of the pilot's jacket are waterproof and windproof, so you can keep your whole autumn and winter warm and comfortable.

What is the best match for a hoodies and a jacket?cid=3

Custom Men Bomber Jacket

Third, black leather jacket

Casual leather is also a must-have for winter tide men. And a leather jacket outside the hoodies can not only play a very good role in wind and warmth, but also very cool. The black leather jacket with the black hooded hoodies is not only a sense of the male but also a little sunny and youthful. The cool and sunny boys are not too attractive.

Fourth, the woolen coat

Get used to the slate is wearing a coat to dress handsome, try the mix of coat and hoodies, it looks very gentle and gentleman style. If you want to be a little more chic, choose a long coat. If you don't want to be so serious, choose a hooded hoodies.

Five, military tooling windbreaker

This is a mix and match technique that adds the tooling style to the sports street elements and, in turn, reaches the street style of military tooling. This is also a popular method of wearing in recent years, especially in Japanese wear.

The main point is that this mashup is easy, it doesn't require a lot of wear and it won't be awkward.

The functionality of the windbreaker and the comfort of the hoodies make you comfortable and handsome in autumn and winter.

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