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Various Trend Collocations of Hoodies

Sep. 19, 2020

In recent years, hoodies have not only appeared on catwalk shows many times in recent years but are also very common trend items in our daily lives. How can the matching of hoodies make you more fashionable? Next, the Custom Embroidered Hoodies supplier will show you the knowledge of hoodies matching.

Hoodie + wide-leg pants

Wearing wide-leg pants has a cool and handsome feel, but if you are not tall enough, you may not be able to hold it up, it will be much better to change to nine-point wide-leg pants.

Hoodie + mid-length skirt

Hoodie and midi skirts are also perfect combinations. With the blessing of the hoodie, the elegant and romantic mid-length skirt is more agile and lively, and the girl is full of heart.

Letter Hoodie Matching Scheme

Although the color of the sporty letter hoodie is low-key but dynamic, it gives people a lively and casual feeling. The loose and long design is a good choice with hot pants or miniskirts. In the choice of shoes, you can also match retro Brogue shoes, or rivet Roman shoes, so that you can mix and match some retro fun in the sports style.

Custom Half Zip Hoodies

Custom Half Zip Hoodies

Grey hoodie matching scheme

The gray hoodies don't want to be too plain, you can also wear a bright base shirt inside to expose the chest or hem. Even if there is no bright pattern, the hoodie has a bright embellishments.

Pink hoodie matching scheme

The pink hoodie is so outstanding no matter what it matches, an OVERSIZE black bag is in sharp contrast, no matter how the other items are matched, the highlight on the street is you!

Hoodie + skirt

Another good choice for Custom Half Zip Hoodies is the skirt. The skirt itself has a lot of patterns and varies in length. The skirts can be combined with different colors to create a variety of shapes. So if you have a hoodie at home, consider preparing multiple skirts.

Hooded sweater + ripped jeans

Youthful casual sweaters are paired with uninhibited jeans. The holes are best with holes, which mix and match different styles to give another taste.

The above is the hoodie related knowledge that I have introduced for you. Have you got a certain understanding after reading it? We are the Custom Half Zip Hoodies supplier. If you are interested in our products Interested, please feel free to contact us.

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