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How to Find the Most Suitable Style Interval?

Sep. 11, 2020

How to find the best style for you step by step? Women's clothing manufacturers share this article with you. When we don't know what style we are suitable for, we should first judge our own style, it will be much easier to start from the cold and warm.

A warmer style means softness, warmth, sunshine, affinity, and no sense of distance. Dynamic and feminine feel more.

The colder style means more aura, capable, cool, and a sense of distance. It feels more static or moderately sexy.

What kind of style you suit, in fact, 80% still have to look at your face, and the remaining 20% will be reflected in your expression by your personality, which will affect your attitude and thus your style.

Is your face line warm or cold?

The shape of the face and facial features are very important. Round lines are more warm style, sharp lines are more cold style.

▍ A look at the face line

The "line" of the face is relatively easy to recognize. What we need to see is the "line" is not smooth, the "curvy" feels more, or the "straight" feels more.

Warm face shape, the "line" has a strong sense of curve, and there is no fault in the middle. From the front, the edge lines of the face, such as temples, cheekbones, jaw positions, and chin lines, are all rounded and not bumpy.

The face of the cold style has a tougher and sharper "line". The feeling of straight lines is more, from the front, the lines are undulating, there are many turns, and the bones are strong.

▍ A second look at bones and three-dimensionality

Why is it important to have a sense of bone? Because our faces are three-dimensional, looking horizontally is not enough. Vertical lines will also affect the style of the face. So to sum it up, if your face has more curves, smooth lines, and skin and flesh can wrap your bones, then you have a warm face. If your face has straight lines, more corners, and heavier bones, then it is a cold-style face.

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Are your facial features warm or cold?

Among the five sense organs, the most important thing is the eyes, so I put the most important thing first to write.

▍ eyes

When we judge the warm and cold style of our eyes, we also need to look at the roundness and sharpness of the lines. But this point is not just to see whether the inner corner of the eye is sharp or not, but to see the overall shape of the eye, whether it is rounded or slender. Round eyes are warm style, sharp eyes are cold style.

▍ nose

The judgment of the warm and cold style of the nose depends on the whole, the nasal bones, nasal columella, nose and wings, three-dimensionality is very important.

Many Asian girls have collapsed noses, wide noses, big noses, and flat nasal columella. This is a typical round line.

▍ mouth

The warm and cold style of the mouth mainly depends on the thickness of the lips.

However, the influence of the lips on the facial features is not as good as the eyes and nose.

▍ Eyebrow shape

As for the shape of the eyebrow, it mainly depends on the line of the waist and peak of the eyebrow.

The plasticity of the eyebrow is the strongest, and it can be easily changed by makeup. So when we judge our facial features, we can ignore the shape of our eyebrows and only look at our eyes (most importantly), nose, and mouth.

Among the three, the warm style is the majority, the facial features are more warm, such as round eyes (warm) + fleshy nose (warm) + thin lips (cold):

The cold style is mostly, the facial features are more cold style, such as slender eyes (cold) + narrow and high nose (cold) + thick lips (warm):

If your facial features are between cold and warm, it may also be a good thing, indicating that you are malleable. Because you can use the eyebrow shape and to adjust the facial features. If your facial features and facial style are not uniform, you can choose to modify one of them to make the overall style more uniform, or you can use the style between cold and warm.

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