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Are You Sure that the Hoodie Is the Most Popular Item in the Fashion World?

May. 26, 2020

If you just define the hoodie as a sweatshirt, it would be too dangerous. For example, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Vetements have turned hoodies into their representative works, bringing great success, so hoodies are already A veritable fashion item, and some big names have also reshaped the hoodie, and it has become a must-have item for the college style.

The intricate relationship between hoodies and youth culture has intensified as Hip-hop becomes mainstream and enters the fashion world. As gang rap became representatives of Hip-hop culture in the 1990s, while Snoop Dogg, Tupac and others became popular, Oem Good Quality Cotton Hoodies had a new representative meaning.

Brands, whether it is high street or luxury goods, the service (or want to attract) groups are mostly a group of young people, but also popular fans of pop culture, they do not have strong brand awareness, big man in Paris fashion house The impact on them is far less than that of street pop culture, so international first-line brands are also eyeing the previously undeveloped "saline land" of hoodies.

It's not always so popular

Hoodie has a history of "disgrace", and later experienced cultural resistance, slowly washed white, and gradually became popular, just like a gorgeous counterattack story.


You may have seen the image of medieval Catholics in many TV shows, wearing a wide gown with a turban attached to the back of the gown. When carrying out some religious ceremonies, they brought the turban with something in their mouths. This hoodie is the earliest hoodie.


The general public began to wear it, but it started with the working people. It is reported that Hoodie's root Hod is brick, and it means construction workers and the like. One of the earliest inventions of the hoodie was to give workers who work outdoors a warm jacket with a hat, and the other is to keep the outdoor athletes warm, so a hat was added to the sweatshirt.


The first thing to connect with is the street culture of the 1970s. When hip-hop culture was popular in New York, street graffiti artists painted everywhere on the walls of train stations and subway stations. Another group of young people on the street may occasionally rob people of gold chains or some valuable things on their necks. The hoodie's hat easily covers their face when they are turned over.


It seems that many trendy items are inextricably linked to "skateboarding". From skateboarding shoes to hoodies now, this sport was also considered by the mainstream society to be naive and not to be seen at the beginning, and the subculture is sought after However, they are proud of playing skateboards behind abandoned car factories or buildings with few people, and the gameplay is becoming more and more "dangerous." For rebellious young people, the more unpopular the more sought after, and the hoodie opposite the formal dress will make them look cooler.

Now when Google searches for "men's hoodies", you will see that there are more than 38,700,000 results. Google Trends shows that the search enthusiasm for men's hoodies is rising, and there is no downward trend until today. It is unknown when it will become popular.

Custom Blank Good Quality Hoodies

Custom Blank Good Quality Hoodies

Do you know how to wear a Custom Blank Good Quality Hoodies?

The hoodie is hot, and the hoodie is easy to wear. Everyone knows that you can relax on the sofa and spend a pleasant afternoon lying on the sofa with such a set or zipper. However, it is difficult to wear the hoodie out and still go out stylishly. Today, let's take a look at how to wear a hoodie to go out and play handsome. Custom Half Zip Hoodies supplier introduces to you:

Hoodie single wear

When you wear a hoodie alone, the first thing you think about is when you are in the gym. You can copy it from here, just dress more on the street, like this. Although the hoodie is simple and effortless to wear alone, it is also necessary to be labeled as a straight male cancer every minute without the face value and body support. So when we wear hoodie alone, we do n’t want to wear it, we only want to wear it so hard!

leather jacket

Not satisfied with wearing a hoodie alone? Then you need to wear it with other clothes. We found that many trendy men like to use leather to match hoodies. Because hoodies are generally made of cotton, they contrast with the smooth surface of leather jackets. The contrast of different glosses creates a sense of hierarchy and reflects the difference.

With baseball cap

Everyone is not unfamiliar with Eminem, he likes this hoodie plus baseball cap. Whether my favorite Rapper is a concert or a song MV, there will be this kind of collocation. The hood of the hoodie is buckled on the baseball cap, which is uninhibited and rebellious.

All Black

When I do n’t know how to wear it, I take the all-black route. To be honest, this is really a fashion golden oil. You can choose it at any time. The same is true for hoodies.

Flight jacket

Don't look at the elastic collar of the flight jacket, it seems that it is not suitable for hoodie matching, but there is nothing wrong with the combination of the two. Because the hoodies are comfortable, they are usually wider, and the flight jacket has a narrow design on the neckline, waist, and cuffs. Wearing the hoodie inside will not be bloated.


You have doubts about the collar of the flight jacket. The lapel of the coat must be proper. The hoodie just fits it. Remember Kanye, if you have n’t forgotten, then you should definitely try this kind of outfit The integration of formal and leisure is not only a mix of clothing but also a cultural conflict.

Finally, let's take a look at the hardest hoodie to wear. The suit can only be worn with a shirt? Can you imagine a serious suit and hoodie worn together? Suits are also good with a hoodie. It is more interesting to break the inherent thinking. If business elites are tired of suits and leather shoes, this way of wearing is not a good choice.

Not only can the hoodie be worn alone, but it also seems to be worn with all the coats in your closet, carefully matched, even ordinary items will become different.

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