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The History of Hoodies

May. 11, 2020

In the past two years, because of a wave of sports in the fashion circle, many people have been fascinated by the vibrant, fashionable, and personalized sports mix and match style. In addition to the necessity of sports shoes, there are also casual items Among them are the handsome and casual custom half zip hoodies. To say that any clothes will never be outdated, the hoodie must have a name, loose style, casual and casual design, wear a hoodie, and feel like the most stylish one on the street.

I still remember that girls used to show their long legs in winter in order to look good in the winter so that they do not look bloated in winter. And in the past two years, everyone seems to have a lot of tolerance for girls. They are no longer blindly "cold weather exposed thighs". They are wearing delicate high-heeled shoes. Oversized hip hop hoodies have become everyone's favorite. , I feel you can do whatever you want with a hoodie, and it looks great with simple matching.

In fact, the hoodie has a long history. It appeared in the 1930s. After that, it was one of the designer's favorite items for a long time. You can often see hoodies on the show. Figure. Until the 1990s, the term "hoodie" began to be used, but at that time, this was a word that criminals only used, so the "hoodie" was very negative at the beginning. Later, David Cameron gave a positive explanation of the hoodie. Who doesn't have a hoodie today?

Speaking of hoodies, do you think of the image of a witch or a grim reaper, you can vaguely see the mysterious and dark terror on the body of the hoodie, which can be traced back to the medieval monk's monk clothes, similar And "Robe" can be seen in many film and television dramas, and the horror scene appears with "Robe".

In fact, "Hod" in Hoodie means "coal bucket, mortar bucket". It was originally worn for rough-work workers, and the hat can be used to keep warm and rain. Later, because the hoodie was so easy to use, students fell in love with it and were also loved by athletes. Once it became a new type of sportswear, which is most suitable for wearing in windy and rainy weather.

Custom Half Zip Hoodies

Custom Half Zip Hoodies

The hoodie has a different connotation because in the 1970s, as graffiti and skateboarding culture began to prevail in the United States, street youths put on hoodies to graffiti on the walls and fly skateboards, so hoodies were once in the minds of everyone A different Korean.

The hoodie once again became popular in the 1976 classic movie "Rocky". Stallone appeared in the public view in a hoodie. Then this kind of clothing became a fire again. It became a symbol of the poor and frustrated boxer Loki. The hoodies in between are "washed white", full of inspiration and righteousness. The hoodie with a distinctive personality and attitude of "little person" represents a spiritual world that is separate and independent from the mainstream world. The hoodie is indispensable street culture but also represents a rebellious personality.

As early as the 1980s, hoodies became popular in the fashion world. The hoodies known as the "hugs of bunnies" in Canada showed young people's sunny health.

The reason why the hoodie really enters the public's field of vision with a sunny and healthy image is thanks to the hoodie spokesperson in the US Silicon Valley-Mark Zuckerberg. Although there are hundreds of millions of people, Zuckerberg is very fond of wearing hoodies, and the image of casual sex makes hoodies a kind of clothing culture in Silicon Valley.

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