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The Application of Minimalist Style in Modern Clothing Design (Part 2)

Apr. 24, 2020

2 Application Analysis of Minimalist Style Modern Women's Wear

2.1 Silhouette and style design

The most classic silhouette element in modern clothing design was proposed by the famous French fashion designer Dior Christine in 1945. He divided the outer contour of the clothing into the five most basic HATOX, but it is not suitable for every category. Design style. The minimalist clothing designer believes that the human body is the best silhouette design without additional modification and processing. It is necessary to pay attention to the natural coordination of the human body and the clothing silhouette to reduce and purify to discard the cumbersome and complex artificial silhouette. The silhouette design is mainly H-shaped for natural comfort. Cylindrical, tent-shaped and other shapes that do not fit the human body, even if it has a waist, it will not be intentionally emphasized. The minimalist clothing silhouette contains an ingenious and delicate clothing structure under the simple silhouette.

The minimalist clothing is mainly based on the basic style of the clothing. The basic styles of shirts, skirts, pants, suits, suits, and coats are delicately conceived and appropriately changed. The minimalist designer uses subtraction as the design method to delete insignificant decorative details and use the most refined design language to show the simple beauty of the designer's aesthetic literacy and design summary has extremely high requirements.

Loose Vintage Casual Linen Dress

Loose Vintage Casual Linen Dress

2.2 Fabric and colour selection

Fabric is an important material foundation of clothing styling, and it is the main factor of clothing design thinking. The different characteristics of clothing fabrics reflect the characteristics of different styles of clothing and shape different styling effects. The minimalist style modern women's common fabrics in summer cover cotton, hemp, fibre fabrics and blended fabrics. Winter clothing is mainly based on different types of fine wool fabrics. Ruffle sleeve dress supplier attaches great importance to the texture composition on the surface of the fabric to give the wearer a sense of quality. The softness, thickness and comfort of the fabric will give people an intuitive impression of the texture. Therefore, many designers will customize fabrics according to the design, excavate and create fabrics of various materials, organize and reconstruct fibres, structures, and linearity to make the fabrics have special texture and texture. The combination achieves the desired effect. It is worth noting that modern women's clothing in the minimalist style is usually accompanied by a neutral style in design. Therefore, in the classic minimalist clothing design, women's rich lace, ribbons, embroidery and other materials are completely abandoned. It can be seen that precisely because of the loose vintage casual linen dress follows the minimalist design principle of "see simple in the rich and pure in the elegant", so the requirements for the clothing fabrics are very refined.

The subtle and fresh tones in the use of colour are representative of the minimalist style, and the main colours are usually black and white grey. It also includes some low-light red, blue, green, brown and white, etc., colour matching can use complementary colour contrast, colourless contrast, fluorescent contrast. Similar colour contrast, warm colour contrast to achieve a visual impact and beauty to highlight this simple and pure elegant atmosphere style.

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