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Practical wear of hoodies

Sep. 24, 2019

The custom fake two pieces hoodies factory today introduces you to the current trend of fashion - hoodies.

  • The origin of the hoodie

A long time ago, among many clothing, hoodies were the first witnesses of the vicious incidents that occurred in the dark alleys. This is indeed a bit exaggerated. In the 1930s, the sportswear company's champion product generation created the world's first hoodie. The benefit of the hoodie design is that it keeps the athletes warm and dry during tragic weather. Since then, it has been used by hip hop singers, skiers, and street teenagers, suitable for bachelor parties, college students, and fashion street shooters.

  • Return of hoodie

Although during the Fashion Week, many news media like to judge the most rude street beats they can find, the truth is that most men's wear is born out of its own practical use. The hoodie itself has such practicality: comfort, comfort and unparalleled comfort. The signal of the return of the hoodie is that we are at the peak of the popularity of leisure products. It is only a matter of time before the concept of high-end sportswear is successfully presented in its versatile form. Fortunately, the hoodie lasted for a while. From the street style to the more mature heavyweight men's wear, hoodies are really favored.

  • How to wear a hoodie?

We preach the charm of a hoodie, but don't simply think that wearing it is good, because when you wear a hoodie as a single item in a multi-layered outfit, there will be surprises. A comfortable hoodie is a great creation that gives you a personal edge while keeping warm. A simple white sailor T-shirt, a fake two pieces printed oversized hoodies, a slim denim, a pair of shoes, plus a coat or jacket are the most quality wear.

Practical wear of hoodies

Custom Fake Two Pieces Printed Oversized Hoodies

  • As a highlight of casual wear

When the comfort and coolness of the hood can be achieved at the same time, we will all become fanatics. Thanks to those smart menswear designers. The days of loose and fat models are gone forever, and even the fabric of the coat will be more comfortable, lighter and more textured. So, for a more harmonious sense of leisure, you can choose a black hoodie and lightweight casual shoes.

  • Put a hoodie in a leather jacket

The hoodie and leather jacket are classic and full of new ideas, you can wear it repeatedly season after season. Hoodies can significantly improve the quality and health of people wearing. Therefore, people prefer the fit, well-crafted casual design, can be worn in a variety of occasions. Go to the gym or create an office fashion. Put the black leather jacket and black or indigo jeans as the foundation, wear a hoodie with different colors, and wear a pair of leather or suede boots to enhance the texture.

  • Break through the traditional match

If you want to match a hoodie with a suit or jacket, this dress will mark you as a full member of the Menswear Club. Of course, hoodies and a pair of straight jeans and sneakers are a combination, but if you want to improve the fashion, you should tear off the rules of traditional clothing, try a multi-level unstructured combination. In order to create a style of sporty style and formal sensation, you can choose a gray hoodie, a gray suit and white lace-up sneakers.

  • Hoodie dressing guide

It’s no longer the 20th century to lose the hoodie that you bought during your teenage rebellion. Pullover designs are usually smarter than designs with zippers. Putting a fit-and-fit classic hoodie in your closet is far more sensible than chasing the so-called latest trend. If you are no longer a student's green onlookers, don't try out the oversized hip hop hoodies. This kind of dress often has a failure that doesn't match it. The fine texture of cotton and the simple and luxurious fabric customization will make you look elegant and elegant.

The above is all the sharing today. We are a company specializing in the design, development and production of men's and women's clothing. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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