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Nine Rules for Men to Wear

Apr. 27, 2020

Although this is an era of advertised personality, people have more freedom in wearing, but as a successful man, some conventional wearing rules still need to be observed, unless you are extremely aesthetically appealing and imaginative, and good at matching Otherwise; please be sure to follow the old rules in the following details. Custom men clothes manufacturer china shares for you:

● Except for special occasions, nudity is lost

Contrary to women, as a man, when attending a formal occasion, except for the head and hands, the skin should be exposed as little as possible, and do not let others see themselves "at a glance". Otherwise, it is easy to give a sense of frivolity and vulgarity. Bodybuilding physique is still left in the swimming pool, beach and gym to show it.

● Tights are sometimes synonymous with nudity

A writer once pointedly pointed out: the most tragic in the history of men's fashion-page is the invention of tights. Although the development of tights has been more stretched and more slim-fitting, its best use is as underwear and fashion, in order to achieve the functions of keeping warm and simplifying.

● Pure white suits should be worn depending on the occasion

Unless you are proud, personable, and confident to control these eye-catching dresses, you can only wear them in Africa or the Sahara Desert. On many formal occasions, people wear dark clothing to show calm, and the white eye-catching glare will be funny and embarrassing. Of course, at a wedding or sports occasion, the white dress is still decent and handsome.

● Ties that are too long or too short are unsightly

If it is too short, it can't hold the shirt, as if there is a noose around the neck, and it seems that the adult wears a child's tie; The length of the tie should be appropriate to touch the belt buckle under the tip of the tie. Men who are too tall or too short may wish to customize the tie that suits them to prevent laughter due to the inappropriate length of the tie.

● Do not put too many items in your pocket

It is common for men to hold cigarettes, even pens, and notebooks in their breast pockets, which are swollen, but they are tied with a tie. This dress is destined to be the fate of a small staff member for a lifetime. OEM men jacket supplier reminds you: keep as few items as possible in the jacket pockets and trouser pockets in order to look clean and personable.

● Do not over-rejuvenate colors and materials

The dress of successful men can't blindly pursue the trend. At present, some fancy colors and cheap chemical fiber materials have become popular again, and occasionally wear it on casual occasions. In-office situations, you may wish to wear formal clothing, the material is more expensive, the style and even the more sophisticated will give people a sense of calm and capable. Too much youth will only diminish your prestige.

● Inadvertently use perfume

The clean scent and the breath of the body are men's best incense techniques. Do not deliberately sprinkle perfume, you can use perfume when washing clothes, after the sun, the lightened fragrance is more suitable for identity and smell better. Qin shampoo hair scent, bath body breath is undoubtedly the most charming male fragrance.

● Jewelry is simple

Only a few accessories can be matched with high-end overall clothing accessories. Too many accessories are like too much seasoning, which makes it difficult to swallow and hard to be seen. If you are wearing plain clothes, it is best not to wear jewelry. Even the leather bag should be selected to match the clothing, such as nylon is woven lightweight style, which can be matched with ordinary clothing.

Custom Men Clothes Manufacturer China

Custom Men Clothes Manufacturer China

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