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What Kind of Maternity Clothing Is Best for The Fetus?

Mar. 19, 2020

Getting dressed may seem simple and casual to everyone, but if it happens during pregnancy, it's not. Because if you wear the wrong clothes after pregnancy, you may hurt the fetus. And the best choice of pregnant mother after pregnancy is to wear pregnant mother outfit, but pregnant mother when to wear pregnant woman outfit? And how to go shopping is the best?

When does the pregnant mother wear maternity clothes?

Under normal circumstances is the proposal, pregnant mother is pregnant after 3 months should wear maternity clothes, because the fetus in the abdomen at this time is faster, if you wear their clothes before pregnancy may be strangled fetus, affect the normal development of the fetus. Of course, the time of wearing maternity clothes should vary from person to person. Some mothers don't start wearing maternity clothes until 7 or 8 months old. Some people start wearing maternity clothes very early. If your clothes are feeling a little tight, it's time to change into maternity clothes.

Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes

What kind of maternity clothes are most appropriate? Here is a custom women clothes manufacturer:

Maternity fabrics:

Choose cotton as far as possible on fabrics, pregnant mother's skin is more sensitive, also easy to sweat, cotton clothes heat absorption and heat dissipation effect is better, can play the role of heat conduction sweat, wearing cotton maternity clothes will feel more comfortable.There will be a label on the inside of the garment, on which the cotton content of the fabric will be written, so as to determine whether the garment is pure cotton. And in the summer choose chiffon maternity wear is also a good choice, this kind of fabric to wear feeling elegant cool.

Maternity style:

If be the dress is pregnant mother appropriate choice top and bottom the H model with same width or go up narrow the A model with wide bottom. Type H has the whole body feeling, the concave and convex of the body is not obvious, type A bottom places wide and has the sense of security, the change of the body is not obvious, the pregnant woman is more comfortable to wear, also can cover the prominent abdomen, still conducive to the development of the fetus.And pregnant mother's jacket bogey tight small, appropriate loose, pants are also a little longer.In be pregnant late period, can choose back to wear pants, in order to reduce the squeeze of clothes to abdomen.

Size of maternity wear:

Jacket must be in the length of pp slightly under, or later your belly will be found, just buy clothes and become shorter, and too short to reveal pp is not good, pregnancy pp will become larger.

The skirt length should be below the knee, on the one hand can protect the pregnant mother's joints, on the other hand with the pregnancy belly to grow, pregnant mother's figure will have some horizontal development, the skirt is too short is easy to show the proportion imbalance.

Choose a little bit longer pants, pregnancy to buy maternity pants, the length of the proposal to choose a little bit longer. If pregnant mother does not want to wear their own clothes like pajamas, in addition to the choice of beautiful style, size also have to grasp. The shoulders, sleeves, chest, and buttocks and thighs must not be too loose. When these areas are loose in size, they feel like pajamas. And these parts won't change as much during pregnancy as the belly, so it's ok to buy just a little loose.

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