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How to Learn Collocation Knowledge Systematically? (Part 2)

Jun. 18, 2020

More important than body shape theory: Develop strengths and avoid weaknesses

Most women have a tendency to be too strict with their bodies, and their bodies are often relative. When you see your wide hips, you should see that you are slim waists with wide hips; you can see your thick thighs, You should be able to see the slender legs that make the thighs appear thick.

Develop strengths and avoid shortcomings, that is, covering your undesirable places, revealing your charming places-the so-called covering is not necessarily the strictness of the bag, and sometimes it is too natural (to cover the wide hips with the lines of the a-line skirt), sometimes it is Disadvantages are advantages (Keira Knightleys atonement green dress makes her flat chest temperament) and so on. It is not necessary to reveal through nakedness, to outline the lines, to emphasize the color, and to print the jewelry, you can achieve these effects. These will be described slowly in conjunction with examples later.

Custom Women Clothes Manufacturer

Custom Women Clothes Manufacturer 

The custom women clothes manufacturer briefly introduces a basic theory (four types of body theory) and a principle (strength avoiding weaknesses) of knowing your body shape.

The role of the four body shape theories is to end with the X shape so that you have an idea about dressing. However, there are many demands for dressing: look feminine, look thin, look tall, look good, etc. Everyone's dressing style actually looks at the order in which these needs are handled. The four body shape theories will change to the X shape as the highest goal, but you don't have to be that way.

So why do we need theoretical models? Because, as a beginner in clothing matching, we are still very ignorant. We neither know our suitable styles, colors, styles nor do we know that our inner and outer shapes are the most suitable for us. We don't have a strong style, so we have to start with the basics. Only by learning how to add and subtract can we add and subtract our own style from the modeled basic style.

Miss Coco said: Fashion is perishable, and the style is timeless. This sentence may have different interpretations in the eyes of different people, but I interpret her as that people should wear their own style, that is to say, their own style, rather than chasing fashion-if you have a thin waist and thick legs, why should you follow the trend Wearing a cocoon coat?

The goddesses never chase fashion and forget their style. If they did that, it must be the day they stepped down from the altar. Why does Hepburn love the word collar so much? Because she has very beautiful shoulder lines and clavicle. Why Megan loves to show her waist so much because her waistline is the sexiest. Maybe you are not as good as Hepburn, but there is always a dress that will make you think that others will not compare with you in the same dress, and that should be your style.

How is a style formed? Find what suits you, and then adjust it slightly based on your inner preferences. That is your style.

Suitable for yourself, that is, to find a style that "wears on yourself to make you look the best" instead of "wears on others to make people look the best", and the style that makes you look best must be based on your own situation Strengthen the shortcomings. Remember, to grow strong and avoid shortcomings, this will even overshadow the need to reach the X shape-we sometimes dress to make ourselves look better, sometimes to show a feeling, and so on. But in any case, even if the pursuit of X body shape has changed, the idea of growing up and avoiding weaknesses will not change-Megan never gives up the opportunity to reveal his charming waistline.

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