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Jacket style classification

Nov. 04, 2019

The jacket is a transliteration of an English jacket, a short jacket. Lapel, confrontation, multi-use snaps (straps) or zippers for easy work and activities. Jackets are the most common type of modern life, and the popularity began in the 1980s.

The jacket is a Chinese word written by the Chinese according to the pronunciation of English. Because these things originated from foreign countries and spread into China, China did not have such a thing, so there is no such word. As the society continues to develop and the cultures of various countries blend together, China has also produced many transliteration of foreign words. Can be translated as: short coat, jacket. The earliest (about the 14th century) refers to the outer coat that is long to the waist, long sleeves, open or hooded; it can be a single piece or a suit. However, with the development of the times, the term is now a variety of fabric styles, short coats for various purposes, casual outerwear, such as half zip windbreaker jacket.

Jacket style division:

Quilted jacket

The dark blue short and small stand-up jackets are simple and stylish, and the thin cotton is not heavy in the quilted design, with plaid trousers to create a British style.

Casual jacket

Custom nylon jacket men is a must-have for business trips, soft and comfortable to wear. This map-patterned jacket is a creative, warm-toned combination that highlights a relaxed, relaxed lifestyle.

Lapel jacket

Jackets with large lapels and zips are also military-style, and can also be called Harley motorcycle jackets and rock jackets. The neckline is the key design link. The dark buckle or zipper device can be equipped with a warm fur collar at any time. It can also be erected according to the needs, or with a scarf, which is windproof and warm.

Knight jacket

The racing jacket that emphasizes the wide-shoulder waistline is made of a stand-up collar. This season, it is mainly bright, and the zippers at the zipper and shoulders are also decorative. Compared with the heroic style of military uniforms, the image is more varied.



Hunting jacket

Nylon fabrics are more sleek than the usual leather and washed cloth safari jackets. The two patch pockets on the hem are chic and decorative and practical.

Bomber jacket

Since Atango wore the US Air Force A-2 flying leather jacket in "Top Gun" to make the bomber jacket a big hit, the satin color bomber jacket men has been the focus of the major brands in autumn and winter.

Down jacket

The jacket is made of duck down, goose down or cotton. The style is designed with a loose bust, tight cuffs, tight hem and other styles. It combines down and jacket to keep warm and slim. Combining warmth and self-cultivation, it caters to the down jacket and the wearer appears to be more bloated and needs a more tailored market demand.

Down jackets generally have a slit and slim design, and use warm and clear cotton, down, etc. as the inner liner or filler. The comfortable windproof materials such as polyester and nylon make this garment combine the advantages of warmth and fit. It has the characteristics of "warm more than down, more stylish than jacket".

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