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How to Choose a Floral Skirt?

Aug. 24, 2020

Although Floral is good but can wear not necessarily good-looking, fall into the category of vulgarity carelessly. Let’s take a look at the experience of floral control, and refer to these points when wearing floral skirts.

01 When in doubt, choose Custom Silk Floral Maxi Dress. On the pure white background, any colorful splendor is a bit less publicity, and the contrast between simplicity and prosperity can balance the visual strength. Plain printing is more low-key, and the requirements for skin color are not so strict.

02 Pay attention to the choice of details. This is based on the premise of plain printing, because some girls think that the colors are too plain to be unassuming, and occasionally make people feel monotonous. So, don't neglect the choice of details, such as custom Best Seller Flare Dress, etc., so as not to be submerged in the crowd.

03 Larger prints are suitable for girls with larger skeletons. If a girl with a big frame chooses small broken flowers, it will be very cumbersome, and it will feel like piled up. Not as good as this size of flowers blooming wantonly is more attractive, can reduce the sense of expansion, and increase interest.

04 Girls with a height of less than 160 are suitable for wearing short floral skirts. Because beauty is often a magic weapon for this kind of person, using it properly can also become the king of street photography. Cotton and linen dresses are different from the delicate and charming in the traditional sense. They have a bit more temperament. The small florals mixed with color changes are especially flattering.

custom Best Seller Flare Dress

Custom Best Seller Flare Dress

05 The dark print is suitable for fair-skinned girls. Even the dark-colored prints, because of the trivial and colorful flowers, can reduce the heavy feeling a bit, and complement the fair complexion. This is why dark print suspender skirts always look better with white T.

06 Different styles can be shaped by the length of the skirt. For example, an ankle-length dress always looks very ladylike, three centimeters above the knee is very playful, and the knee-length length is the next-door sister-in-law style, lively and lovely or quiet and peaceful girls are suitable for this skirt length.

07 If you want to use dresses to conceal the shortcomings of your figure, you must choose a skirt with personality. If your chest curve is not very good, you have a small belly and thick thighs, then choosing a floral skirt with personality will definitely benefit a lot. Broken flowers can make the chest look fuller, and the pleated ruffles are unique enough to hide all the shortcomings.

08 Bright prints are suitable for girls with too fair complexion. Whiteness is of course a good thing, but too whiteness can make people feel sick. At this time, wearing plain prints will not look energetic, and a bright color print can brighten the complexion and increase the energy. effect.

09 To sum up, broken flowers can not be worn casually, you must find your own style, recognize your current situation and choose the right floral skirt to make each other's greatest charm. To make the floral skirt resistant to tackiness, try and improve it a lot.

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