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Five Timeless Menswear Collocations

Jun. 11, 2020

Motorcycle leather jackets, jeans, white shirts, these basic models will always have a place in the men's wardrobe. Similarly, there are always some handsome matching styles that do not change with the trend and time and are very dazzling in every era.

There are many friends who say that boys don't need to be too gorgeous to dress, but simple and decent is true. For a man, the functionality and comfort of clothing is the most important. Today, OEM Men Jacket Supplier will share with you some classic men's collocations that have passed the test of time.


Pullover + denim pants

Crewneck Sweatshirts, originally originated from sportswear on the sports ground. Now it has become more and more a favorite jacket style for men. The version is simple, the fabric is comfortable, and the thin pullover sweater, when you wear it, you can't even feel its existence.

Paired with denim trousers, slightly loose and wrinkled, and paired with a pair of leather sneakers. It has always been a model of classic college style.

When matching, pay attention to the complementarity of colors, as far as possible the top layer and bottom layer have obvious color layering. Knitwear should not be too large, mainly refer to the position of the shoulder line and waist, fit and slightly loose is the best. The length of the pants fits as much as possible.

Crewneck Sweatshirts


White T-shirt + white jeans

There are many older collocations than white T-shirts and white jeans, but it is a bit difficult to find an easier-to-use collocation than white T-shirts and white jeans. This set is very suitable for summer.

Perhaps it would be easier to put on a polo shirt and primary color jeans, but there are too many such collocations, and it will be overwhelmed when walking on the street. Then try to top and bottom white is a good choice. This set is very suitable for darker partners. After all, we are great men and do not need to consider the problem of wearing white clothes. We believe that being handsome is more important than making yourself look white.

There is also a small suggestion, a small partner with a large chest and shoulders and wide shoulders can wear only a white T-shirt. If you are not so confident in muscles, then wearing a light gray jacket will be more handsome. The best shoes are black and white sneakers and brown desert booties.


Horizontal stripes T-shirt + casual suit

The striped T-shirt originated from the uniform of the French Navy in the nineteenth century and has since become a must-have in men's wardrobes. Wear it without thinking too much, it is easy to match a simple and handsome feeling.

Striped T-shirt, the best way to wear, is definitely to wear with a casual suit. A slightly formal coat with a striped section inside, definitely the most dazzling walking on the beach.

Striped T-shirts should be as thin as possible. Black and white stripes or blue and white stripes are the best. The stripes are too thick and it is not easy to match the handsome and handsome feeling. The colors and fabrics of casual suits do not require much. This set of collocations also applies to the upcoming summer.


Turtleneck sweater + double-breasted casual suit

If you are looking for a sweater that is best suited for winter, the turtleneck sweater is undoubtedly the best choice. Especially wool and cashmere. Turtleneck sweater not only protects the torso but also fully protects the position of the chest and neck. For the buddies who live in the north, it is definitely a weapon to keep out the cold. For those who do not like scarves and want to keep warm, you can try it with a high-necked sweater.

A double-breasted casual suit is best used with high-neck sweaters. Will look, mature gentleman. Want to play mature friends can consider.

The double-breasted casual suit is a matching weapon for tall, thin and thin partners. Put on a double-breasted suit, and immediately become a lot plump. Light gray casual suits will look younger and more energetic, dark blue, and black are more mature, and friends can choose according to style needs.


Oxford shirt + slim pants

Oxford shirt with Custom Top Quality Track Pants is a traditional and classic way of wearing. When the collar button on the Oxford shirt is buttoned up, it will look formal and grand. If the button is unbuttoned, it will be more lively and relaxed.

The pure white and light blue Oxford shirts are the most worth buying. In addition to the dress pants that can be cut and fitted, they can also have good results with jeans. If the shirt is light-colored, then matching with dark pants will have a clear sense of layering.


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