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What Is the Difference Between Cotton And Polyester Cotton?

Mar. 28, 2020

T-shirt custom-made fabrics are generally cotton, cotton + Lycra, mercerized cotton, etc., mostly cotton, features comfortable sweat absorption, plain weave printing effect is better, the weight is preferably 180 grams -220 grams. Lapel T-shirts are commonly known as POLO shirts, which have ordinary mesh, pearl mesh, and plain weave, such as light rain sports cloth, bird eye sports cloth, etc., its characteristics are good breathability, cool and comfortable.

U-The material of T-shirt custom fabrics is mainly divided into cotton and polyester cotton. Cotton fabrics should be made of 40 and 32 combed double yarns. The fabric is characterized by a clear and delicate grid pattern on the fabric surface, and the thickness of 40 fabrics is suitable. Weighing between 220 grams and 260 grams, 32 mesh fabrics are slightly thick and have a rough style. The weight per square meter can reach 280-300 grams, especially favored by European and American customers. Cotton fabrics are comfortable to wear, absorb sweat and breathe, and are high-end T The first choice fabric for custom shirts is suitable as a high-end gift for customers. Now there are some fabrics made of amine fiber mixed with elastic fabrics, suitable for making high-end women's T-shirts.

The composition of polyester-cotton fabric is mainly divided into 35% cotton content and 60% cotton content, 35% cotton is called T / C, and 60% cotton content is called CVC. The fabric yarn count is divided into 45, 21, and 32 It has the comfort of cotton fabrics, absorbs sweat and breathes, and is not easy to shrink and deform, and does not need ironing or pleating after washing. If it is used for uniforms or promotional activities, it is suitable to choose polyester-cotton fabrics. The T-shirt fabric is divided into many types according to the weaving method. There are beaded mesh, cotton wool, jersey, waffle, herringbone strips, but the most used are mainly beaded mesh and cotton wool. As the name suggests, the fabric surface is a mesh structure. , The style is rough, while the cotton wool is a plain weave structure, and the cloth is delicate. Among them, the pearl mesh is divided into two kinds of four corners and hexagonal meshes. These kinds of weaves don't matter which is better and have different styles.

Custom Cotton Camo t-Shirts

Custom Cotton Camo t-Shirts

Because now everyone prints some personalized patterns on custom cotton camo t-shirts, and people wearing it use it to express their unique taste, making ordinary clothing a carrier of culture, So everyone calls it a T-shirt. When purchasing, pay attention to the T-shirt collar must be cotton and rayon blended material, so as not to deform for a long time, do not slacken. The raw materials of T-shirt fabrics are divided into combed yarns and carded yarns. The fabrics of combed yarns have a fine and smooth surface, while the fabrics of carded yarns have more defects than the combed fabrics. However, many people like this style of it. It is very natural and retains some essential characteristics of cotton yarn. Another important point is that the price is approachable. In addition to white T-shirts, there are many colorful shirts, mainly black, red, yellow, and green. When buying color T-shirts, pay attention to dyeing and choose reactive dyeing process, because reactive dyeing can maintain good colorfastness. It does not fade with washing and is environmentally friendly.

In general, custom men's t-shirt wholesale china has better softness, better natural comfort, and does not have static electricity effects, while polyester-cotton workwear is relatively wear-resistant The style is more straight and stylish, and the size is more stable. Of course, they are not good or bad. It is mainly based on the needs of the enterprise, and the ideal T-shirt is suitable for themselves.

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