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Clothing accessories, Decide Whether You Are Fashionable

Jul. 22, 2020

Fashionable and smart women never ignore the role of accessories. Because the accessories hide our true personality and hobbies.

A small accessory hides undercurrents of desire, ambition, and unwillingness. It is set against the simplicity, brightness, and softness of the wind, and it directly expresses our bad taste, love, and beauty, and true personality.

Accessories make the silent and simple appearance rich and connotative. The accessories contain thousands of years of cultural connotation and beautiful meaning. One ring and one wear are all flying and romantic clothing culture.

If you talk about the importance of accessories in women's wardrobes, I am afraid that it will rise to the longer aesthetics of clothing. You must know that before we knew how to dress, we were already wearing gold locks and silver bracelets.

From a fashion perspective, accessories have always been the most discussed element in fashion trends. In recent years, fashionistas have clinked, almost all metallic accessories. Bright and shiny, like gold powder and silver sand, on the plain tee, stiff suit, or shirt, the most arbitrary attitude and the most distinctive personality of a fashionable woman are portrayed.

Here, Street Wear T-Shirt supplier China will share with you several metallic accessories that you personally think are worth buying:

Metallic earrings

Undoubtedly, among the many metallic single products, metallic earrings are the most popular among experts. Whether it's real gold, silver, or gold-plated material, the golden light flashes unintentionally, and the whole outfit is bright.

Especially in the matching of dark colors, using metallic accessories is the smartest dressing technique. Among the many simple and casual items in summer, metallic earrings are also the most important part to change the overall style.

Metallic earrings not only can easily change the casual and casual style of the overall dress, but they are also a very fashionable finishing touch. And it is quite versatile and can form a completely harmonious and generous picture with all clothes.

If you look at the metallic color from the ears, you will find that the metallic color shines with the most moving personality and the most noble temperament of a person.

The metallic color itself is a splendid and brilliant color, which is enough to reflect the nobility and eclectics of a temperament.

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirts

Oversized Streetwear T-Shirts

Metallic necklace

In fashionable street photography, you will easily find the existence of metallic necklaces. Especially in the season of wearing a simple T-shirt, the clothes are too monotonous, so rely on the gold necklace on the chest to enrich the matching level.

Once regarded as a gold chain with rich wealth, it is also synonymous with fashion in recent years.

The combination of gold chains and simple Oversized Streetwear T-Shirts can create a vigorous and noble sense of contradictory beauty.

People who like gold and are keen to find fashion from metallic accessories can still start coin necklaces.

The coin necklace is also the most suitable accessory for stacking. Wear multiple layers of different lengths, some close to the neckline, and some long hang down to form a V-shaped line on the chest. It not only modifies the face shape and lengthens the neckline, but also makes simple clothes fashionable and interesting.

Metallic ring

Fashionable women will not ignore hand decorations. A small ring can not only make the hand lines look more slender and white, but also express the wearer's taste and aesthetics.

Rings are also very suitable for stacking accessories. Especially the combination of multiple materials and multiple colors is very common among fashionistas.

For example, a combination of golden ring settings, diamonds, and colored gems. It not only ensures the brilliance of the metallic color but also precipitates the taste and connotation with the low-key light tone. On some special occasions, the accessories on the body are a symbol of status and financial resources. In ancient Europe, a man's status and strength were reflected in the accessories of his female companion.

Today we are all independent and confident enough that we don’t need accessories to express wealth and status. We pay more attention to design language and style logo.

We will have a good mood in a complicated and exaggerated earring, and we will also depict the subtlety and restraint that belongs to us in a classic and simple bracelet, necklace, or ring.

However, exaggerated metallic accessories may not be suitable for our Asians with relatively flat facial features. Asian women with petite physique and gentle temperament are more suitable for delicate and delicate accessories.

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