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11 Tips for Dressing and Matching

Sep. 09, 2020

In the modern world, the number of images created and recommended by different designers and stylists is rapidly increasing with the seasons. It is difficult to be surprised by the combination of different styles or even the unparalleled appearance. However, one should never ignore the "safety" rules-even in a basic wardrobe.

Ruffle Sleeve Dress supplier prepares a daily avoidance rule for you, these things sometimes hide real skills.

1. Wear a suit and flat shoes.

Flat shoes will make your ankles look bigger, so your legs look like a few long loaves or wide pillars. This is especially inappropriate in business situations because it implies elegance. In this case, it's best to put your preference on stilettos, or at least get your small heels.

2. Very long shirt and jeans

Long and tight-fitting jeans will make your silhouette look too long. In addition, with shorts, this photo will look even more embarrassing. It is better to tuck such a shirt into jeans. If this is not your style, then it is best to choose a loose style.

3. Big bag

Big bags are a universal thing. You can match not only casual style but also business style. However, when you are going to a restaurant or club, it is better to choose a more compact model. In these cases, choosing a large package is not appropriate.

4. Short boots

Short boots rarely match skirts. This type of shoe can make the legs look shorter. This unwelcome effect is reinforced by a short skirt. The best option is to wear classic flat shoes or high boots in winter.

5. Loose clothes

Some loose clothes in a shape (waist, hips, breasts) that seem to be completely hidden for enhancement. If you have a strong desire to wear loose clothes, it is best to match your image with other elements, which can make your image fuller.

Ruffle Sleeve Dress Supplier

Ruffle Sleeve Dress Supplier

6.Tights, shorts

Shorts are traditionally regarded as summer clothing that does not require any additional components. It is best to save them in the right season, rather than using thick, sparkly, or any other type of tights to create awkward pictures.

7. Tulip skirt

If the skirt is a low-waist skirt, this skirt is "safe". If you stand straight, a high-waisted tulip dress looks good. When you are exercising, even if you are slim, you will have the illusion of a protruding abdomen. If you have questions about choosing the right style, stick to the classics, and remember your body shape.

8. Bigger shoes

The big shoes look tasteless. It is best to buy shoes early in the day because your feet will feel tired and swollen at the end of the day. Therefore, the size of your shoes will be "away" from your true size. Therefore, you can get an unsightly adhesive "heel".

9. High collar

You should be very careful with this type of clothing because your neck may look shorter and your figure is like a square. You should not avoid clothes with an open neckline, you can use scarves and scarves to enhance your image if needed.

10. The jeans do not fit

Jeans have a tendency to stretch and relax. Therefore, if jeans are a bit loose when you first try them on, there is a risk that not only will they not improve your figure after a period of time, but they will also make you look out of shape. When you choose slightly tight jeans, you will give them a chance to stay in shape for a long time.

11. Bra straps

Visible bra straps are tacky. So, how about using a paper clip to tie the straps together? Now you can enjoy your immaculate sense of fashion.

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